MVS Service Solutions

The MVS Group offers seamless solutions for your specific business or personal needs. MVS also provides private networking and many original applications available only via the MVSGlobalnet. The MVS Group actively develops reciprocal partner relations to expand VAS and extended connectivity into its network. The MVS Group has a global alliance of offices on three continents that provide a wide variety of data networking, Inmarsat, Iridium, private line, carrier services and more. MVS will work with you to construct a custom-tailored, all-inclusive communications solution to suit any company, large or small.

MVS has created many customer VAS services to enhance every aspect of your operations:

Core VAS:

  • MVSnet- your online management platform for online, real time, network management
  • Firewall- tailored to protect your business; blocks unauthorized incoming traffic while allowing your outbound traffic to go only to the destinations you determine. Standard and customized features available
  • EMail on the FLY with FLYCarrier-email and compression software for satellite
  • SFTP-Secure file exchange system for large, secure file transfer
  • Video Conferencing for multi-users
  • Closed User Group Apps- self configured & flexible, bridging satellite, laptop, office and cellphone; mulit-user or point to point
  • IM chat- available on-the-go or in large user packages for fleets
  • Encryption- for on-net users and mobile devices: cell, satellite or laptop
  • VOIP
  • Shore to Ship and 10 digit dialing w local number assignment


  • MVS Prepaid- prepaid vouchers for intenet allowing internet cafe access
  • MVS Prepaid voice and data- vouchers
  • SQT- Crew calling cards for FBB


  • APN management
  • IP Housing
  • Network management
  • Interconnect
  • Telehousing in NYC or Amsterdam POPs
  • Private Line

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